I love real estate and my passion is my clients. There is no greater privilege for me than entering into my clients’ lives and connecting with them. Using my diverse experience to help them solve challenges, making their dreams reality and adding to their investment portfolios is what I love to do.

I sold real estate in Edmonton for 8 years before moving to the lower mainland. Selling real estate in the middle of the “leaky condo” disaster sharpened my skills not only in selling strata properties but also putting me through a huge learning curve for building and structural issues.

I moved to Vernon in 2005 and sold commercial real estate from 2006 – 2009 but I missed the warm connection I shared with residential clients. I returned to residential sales with no regrets. All of this diversity gives my clients a huge advantage when we work together. I have experience in all aspects of real estate and bring that expertise to the table with every client I work with. I invest in real estate myself, renovating and flipping houses as well as owning rental properties. Using my own experience to help others investing in real estate is a real joy for me.

Personal Background

My Whole Family (almost) at My Mom’s 90th Birthday Party!

I was born and raised in Ontario, east of Toronto, one of five children.  After attending the University of Toronto I worked in the computer department at Stelco Steel in Hamilton.  Moving to Edmonton, AB in 1989, I became a drywall taper, running a residential construction company with my brother.  While I was building houses for other people, I was also building a revenue property portfolio for myself.  I was fascinated with researching, negotiating and managing my real estate properties as a hobby.  Finally, the fascination won me over and I stopped building houses and starting selling them, becoming a licensed Realtor in 1992.



I attended the University of Toronto specializing in Math, Computer Science, and Business.
I am a firm believer in Real Estate Continued Education and every year take far more than the required number of Real Estate courses to stay current in my profession.  I have taken courses in both Basic and Advanced Condominiums, Ethics, Contracts, Agency, Risk Management, Contaminated Sites, Buyer Agency, Selling Tenanted Properties, Trends and of course Legal Update every year.